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Staying Faithful to God… Particularly When Your Nation Isn’t

Staying Faithful to God… Particularly When Your Nation Isn’t

26 Jun 2015 friday


“How long, O Lord, can I necessitate assistance, and you’ll perhaps not hear? We cry out to You, ‘Violence!’ Yet that you do not save” (Hab 1:2 NASB). Therefore goes the opening for the Book of Habakkuk. A distraught but man that is devout he pleads with Jesus (“from everlasting, O Lord, My Jesus, my Holy One” Hab 1:12 KJV) for their justice from the sins of Judah. It’s a cry through the heart of a guy whom cares most profoundly concerning the vindication for the character of Jesus and their might being carried out in the planet.

The KJV translates this never as an oracle of Habakkuk but as “the burden which Habakkuk the prophet did see” (Hab 1:1). In reality, Habakkuk generally seems to care close to nothing about saving their skin that is own from judgment that Judah had been planning to experience. He does care to know just how Jesus endures exactly what He views. “You are of purer eyes than to behold wicked, And cannot look on wickedness” (Hab 1:13). Habakkuk’s asks,

“Why would you make me see iniquity,

And cause us to look on wickedness?

Yes, violence and destruction are before me personally;

Strife exists and contention arises. (Hab 1:3).