IN THE EARLIEST DAYS of the first Macintosh single-bit paint & draw programs, I entertained myself with digital doodles and later graduated to web graphics. But I wanted more. Drawn as usual to those manifested contradictions of society, I bend a few rules by creating figurative images that rarely appear computer generated. In fact most of my digital work is an amalgam of several different processes. One such process involves using pastel and pencil drawings to coax an erratic line, texture and color set. I then import these sketches into the Macintosh for additional tweaking. The result is a compelling "integrated pastel." These images are then output on commercial photographic papers to complete the created work of art, attracting many admirers and a growing number of collectors. Others are images photographed from sections of paintings eventually painted over as the painting continued to evolve. So, in this case, instead of making art with the so-called "found object", I express art as a "salvaged or rescued image" which otherwise would have been lost in my zest for choice.

EXCEPT FOR THE "imagettes" and "largesse" images which will be printed in somewhat larger limited editions, each print has been issued in special editions of two prints each, one of which is for sale, and the other which is to remain in the artist's portfolio until such time as the entire portfolio is dispersed. This unique print approach is intended to add immediate value to the individual print for collectors as well as to encourage continued creativity on part of the artist. Once sold (with accompanying papers of authenticity), these images will NEVER be re-issued at the size sold. Larger prints of the same may be created for future editions, however.

VIEW THOSE DIGITAL WORKS BELOW. Each work is signed, numbered, and accompanied by artist's signed Certificate of Authenticity and custom embossed seal. Click here for example.