• Art Brut by Gabriel Thy: Art Brut is a psychological study of an intoxicated protagonist, staggering literally under the spell of a relentless competition in a self-thwarting process he often identifies as enriching but sterile, limitless but truncated, despite the increasing number and sophistication of tools and worldviews at his disposal. The artist in pursuit of a muse, truth, originality, even his own sanity cannot escape the carefully reasoned and well seasoned absurd pitch hopelessly bound to this apoplectic plane, and thus can only be comforted as a fallen soldier on that battleground where "art" and "politics" beat each other up, while few are they who seem the wiser. In this treacherous climate the martyr is not only the brush, but also the paint. Because the future like the present is as blind as the dead canary, once a proud warrior, now a mere trick question.
  • "Big Mouth" by Immoral Discipline: circa 1986, Washington DC's premier Oi band, featuring Shawn Garad on lead vocals. See if you can find Gabriel in the crowd.
  • Video Interview of Gabriel Thy by news anchor Leigh Ann Towne. The interview was broadcast throughout the Ohio River Valley on July 6 and July 7, 2006, on Wheeling's WTRF Channel 4, the local CBS affiliate.
  • War Generations: Wilma & Dermot, A Portrait is nearly nine minutes of mostly black & white video of Gabriel & Sue's family in action during the 1950s set to Pink Floyd's 1975 title track "Wish You Were Here" in a nostalgic look back at what appear to be simpler times.
  • The Frosting Caper: A ridiculous short film about painting and eating cake, breaking love on the half-shell, and the politics of transitional bias. Featuring the Subtle Whiplash Players. A Girded Loin Film. A Permanent Record Production.